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Who We Are

Since 2012, we've dominated as one of Amazon's premier global sellers, achieving a remarkable track record of driving brands to the forefront of international markets. Ranked among the Top 100 sellers on Amazon UK & EU, we're a force to reckon with, selling an item every 20 seconds, 24/7.

Our success isn't confined to the UK and EU; we've triumphantly expanded into North America, Australia, and Japan, consistently delivering unparalleled results. 

But, it all started from humble beginnings.

How We Started With Only £10

A note from Barry Tong - CEO

Katy Tong Barry Tong sol retail.png

It all began in 2010 when my grandmother passed away, leaving behind a trove of belongings. With the council's urgency to reclaim her bungalow, my family faced a challenge—what to do with her assorted items, which ranged from treasures to what most would consider junk.


Enter Katy, my partner at the time (now wife), who suggested listing it all on eBay. Initially skeptical, I soon found myself astonished: within days, the "junk" had fetched over a thousand pounds.


Amidst this, I was faced with redundancy, so Katy and I streamlined our lives, selling anything and everything, and unexpectedly found ourselves turning a profit.  With careful reinvestment, our humble eBay venture flourished.

But for us, that was just the beginning. We ventured in to Amazon Germany, USA, France and more. We propelled our monthly turnover from £7k to a staggering £26k. 


In 2013, I took the leap, leaving my job to focus on our burgeoning business, a risk that paid off remarkably. And by 2014, we shattered expectations, achieving a turnover of £1.4 million. We had defied odds, transforming a ten-pound investment and discarded items into a million-pound enterprise, without the support of any loans or external investments. By year 10 we had officially hit £10 million and today, our journey continues as we approach a turnover of £50 million.

Our Team

We've taken no external loans, overdrafts or investments to get us going, but behind our success stands a dedicated team of over 40 individuals, tirelessly preserving brand integrity, elevating visibility, ensuring availability, and unleashing the full potential of marketing strategies for each brand.

Meet Our Senior Leadership Team

Sarah Sivyer Sol Retail COO.jpg



Head Of New Brands 

Natasha Aldrige Head of Sales

Head Of Sales

Naomi Skinner Head of Finance for Stephenson's Online

Head Of Finance

Dom Rachowicz_edited.jpg

Head Of Operations

Awards & Accolades

At Sol Retail, we've been truly humbled by the recognition we've received for our innovation, contributions, growth and entrepreneurial spirit. It's an honour to have been both nominated and/or  won prestigious awards including The Great British Entrepreneur Award, FE/BE Growth 100, Top 50 Fastest Growth for Midlands/East of England and The Northamptonshire Logistics Awards.


But for us, this is just the beginning. We're driven by a passion to keep pushing boundaries and setting new standards. Stay tuned because we're committed to continuously raising the bar. There's much more on the horizon, and we're excited to share it with you!

Giving Back

At the heart of any thriving business lies a commitment to community. We believe in more than just success within our industry; we believe in uplifting the communities that support us. Giving back isn't just a choice; it's our responsibility. That's why we dedicate ourselves to initiatives that make a tangible difference, from supporting local causes to championing sustainable practices. It's our mission at Sol Retail to build a better, brighter future for all. Together, we can create lasting impact and meaningful change where it's needed most.

Over £250,000 Donated To Date


Over the past 6 years, we've proudly stood shoulder to shoulder with The Lewis Foundation, not just offering support but forming a solid partnership. Witnessing their commendable work in aiding cancer patients with gift packs in Northampton has been truly fulfilling.

Our contribution speaks volumes: over £250K worth of goods at RRP donated to their surplus stock campaign. As we approach the new year, our commitment to this partnership remains steadfast. 

Sol Retail's Charitable Partner The Lewis Foundation Logo
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