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Managing Marketplace Growth is Hard

We make it easy with our unique partnership approach

Business Meeting


At Sol Retail, we're passionate about partnership. While you focus on crafting remarkable brands and products, we excel in propelling and managing brands across diverse online marketplaces.

For over 13 years, Sol Retail has stood side-by-side with 120+ global beauty and wellness brands, collaborating to expand, oversee, and maintain control of their brands within these digital spaces.

Behind our success stands a dedicated team of 40 individuals, tirelessly preserving brand integrity, elevating visibility, ensuring availability, and unleashing the full potential of marketing strategies for each brand.

How it Works

We keep it simple.

Choose which models suits your brand best.

1. We buy your stock

2. You get the stock to us

3. We take care of the rest


1. We do all the set-up

2. You own & send in the stock

3. We take care of the rest


Our Partners

Meet some of our brand partners and read what they have to say.

Margaret Dabbs Foot Cream.jpg
Uppercut Sea Salt Spray.jpg
Transformulas Marine Miracle Face Cream.jpg

Our Humble

We went from £10 in our pocket to £10 million in 10 years.

Barry & Katy Tong formed the business with just £10. They have never used loans, investments, cash injections, or overdrafts despite being on a massive growth trajectory and now on a path to hit £50 million.

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