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Super stem cell elixir serum

Super stem cell elixir serum

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The Super Stem Cell Elixir serum contains 5 different plant derived stem cells which all work together to create the perfect Skin Care Serum.

Brand Story:

The Cougar Beauty range has been formulated and designed for those who enjoy high quality products and are not prepared to compromise. Completely manufactured in the UK, we supply must have, niche products which aren't in one month and out the next. No cost has been spared bringing the most innovative formulas, designs and technology to make Cougar Beauty Products a leading international brand name. All the products are new, edgy, of the highest quality and most importantly, they work. At Cougar we are passionate about preserving the Earth for future generations and are always looking for new ways to help our beautiful planet. All our products and packaging are manufactured in the UK, ensuring less green house gases are emitted during the manufacturing process. We have completely cut out transportation from the process as all ingredients are sourced locally.