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Sugar Stripease Hair Removal Kit

Sugar Stripease Hair Removal Kit

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Sugar StripEase isn’t just chemical-free: based on 100% natural ingredients, the exclusive formulation is literally good-enough-to-eat. It can be used on all areas of the body – from upper lip to bikini line, legs to underarms. This skin-softening blend has been formulated to be microwaveable, retaining its heat in the jar so you have plenty of ‘playtime’ to treat the areas you wish to blitz. The pliable sugar syrup is applied to the skin using woven fabric strips (which make for so-easy removal) – and since these can be washed and re-used many times, Sugar StripEase is the ultimate eco-choice for anyone on a quest for satin-smooth, fuzz-free skin.

The Sugar Stripease Hair Removal Kit Includes: 250g Jar of Sugar StripEase, 15 strips and three spatulas for application.

Brand Story

Sugar StripEase is the new innovation from the creators of a globally bestselling hair removal product. So, based on their insights into what women really want from hair removal - ease of application, less painful removal (and gorgeous packaging) - Sugar StripEase brings the ancient tradition of sugaring into the 21st Century.



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