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Savannah Bee Original Royal Jelly Body Butter 48g

Savannah Bee Original Royal Jelly Body Butter 48g

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Royal jelly, propolis, beeswax & honey. Pairs hive ingredients with aloe, coconut oil, Shea butter, cocoa butter, pecan oil and orange peel wax for additional skin hydration with a Blackberry Rose Scent. Apply right after bathing when skin is damp for maximum results. No animal testing. No parabens or preservatives. No petroleum based ingredients.

Brand Story

Savannah Bee Company grew out of my passion for bees, beekeeping and honey. Our specialty honey is the culmination of a 35-year search for the worlds’ best. Our beauty products deliver real benefits derived from treasured hive ingredients – beeswax, royal jelly, propolis and honey. We strive to live as bees live: symbiotically with nature and in a manner, that contributes positively to the world around us. We continually improve the ways in which we operate for our customers, the environment and each other. We have fun while helping this company. Our talented team is a varied background which help enrich us all and adds balance so we can take on the diverse work needed to make a great company!