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Rubis Switzerland Sauro Toe Nail Scissors

Rubis Switzerland Sauro Toe Nail Scissors

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The best time for cutting your nails with our toenail scissors is after showering or bathing, as your nails are then softer and easier to cut. The hand-sharpened, slightly curved blades crafted out of specially hardened steel cut even the hardest of toenails to perfection. They trim your toenails neatly and smoothly without any sign of breaking, splitting or squeezing. The ergonomically shaped handle grips offer supreme comfort!

Brand Story

Beauty and trust go hand in hand ...... Today, Rubis can point to a wide-ranging beauty program that ranges from economical entry-level models to innovative, hygienic tweezers with a special antibacterial coating. What all products have in common is their uncompromising approach to quality: they are designed to provide a maximum life span without any loss of function – and therefore pay off from both an economic and an ecological perspective. Rubis want people to be able to surround themselves in their everyday lives with objects that are both functional and attractive. With products that keep their promises in every sense. What people want today are honest products; products that they can trust.