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Rubis Switzerland Magnifier Tweezers Classic

Rubis Switzerland Magnifier Tweezers Classic

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Tweezers with Magnifier Classic is a high-quality professional tweezers with an 8-fold magnifying glass that facilitates comfortable, precise use. You can individually adjust the distance between the tweezers and magnifier as often as required. With slanted tips it is ideal for plucking eyebrows - even without glasses.

Brand Story

Beauty and trust go hand in hand ...... Today, Rubis can point to a wide-ranging beauty program that ranges from economical entry-level models to innovative, hygienic tweezers with a special antibacterial coating. What all products have in common is their uncompromising approach to quality: they are designed to provide a maximum life span without any loss of function – and therefore pay off from both an economic and an ecological perspective. Rubis want people to be able to surround themselves in their everyday lives with objects that are both functional and attractive. With products that keep their promises in every sense. What people want today are honest products; products that they can trust.



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