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Merkur 47C Safety Razor Chrome Plated

Merkur 47C Safety Razor Chrome Plated

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Merkur Safety Razor 47C Chrome Plated, Engine Turned, Straight Cut, Long Handle. An Extra Close Shave. Merkur High Quality Shaving.Features:• The Merkur 47C Safety Razor is a heavy duty double edge with a long, engine-turned handle • It has a polished chrome finish with hefty handle so you don't need any added pressure while shaving. The handle is gorgeously lined which gives it a great grip that won't slip Manufactured by Merkur/Germany

Brand Story:

Carefully working skilled workers produce masterpieces in steel with detail precision and great craftsmanship. For all, the challenge with cutting-edge technology, which has been passed on for generations, surpasses the standards of the Solingen regulation. Every product leaves DOVO with a high product quality in function and appearance and convinces our demanding customers worldwide.

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