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I Love Whipped Sugar Scrub Pink Marshmellow 200ml

I Love Whipped Sugar Scrub Pink Marshmellow 200ml

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The new amazingly creamy Whipped Body Scrub is a convenient scrub and soap all in one! It foams, exfoliates & moisturises in one application. Made with skin loving moisturisers and cleansers derived from natural ingredients, fine sugar and natural exfoliators gently polish and soften skin, with tons of bubbly lather!

Brand Story:

I Love is a bath, body and beauty brand that lovingly creates the most gorgeous, deliciously scented products in the World. All our products are bursting full of ideas, inspiration and happiness. They are fun and sensuous and all encapsulate the most memorable, delicious and delectable scents that magically transport the user to a different place, evoking powerful memories and injecting a little piece of happiness into our customers lives.