Barry Tong

Managing Director

Katy Tong

Managing Director


Amazon & eBay

Brands Team

Taylor Sargeant

Head Buyer

Megan Woolhouse

Brand Onboarding Controller

Sairah Malik

Brand Onboarding Creative Controller

Renata Masna

Brand Translations Controller


Amazon & eBay

Platform Team

Amber Goodfellow

Head of Sales

Natasha Aldridge

Brand Sales Manager

Mikey Teall

New Platform Manager

Shannon Walker

New Platform Creative Controller

Becky Voss

Brand Sales Operations Controller

Daniel Todd

Brand Sales Enhancement Controller

Tom Whittingham

Brand Sales Data Controller

Kayleigh Wood

Brand Liason Controller

Bronwen Mancelli

New Brand Controller

Sarah Sivyer

Brand Focus Controller

Lorraine Carter

Brand Elite Club Controller

Sabina Rahman

Brand Sales Creative Assistant


Own Brands

Natural Birthing Company, Sugar Coated, Dear Barber & Raw Supremo Team

Emily Brown

Head of Own Brands

Jacqui Pearson

UK Sales Manager

Tim Driver

International Sales Manager



Mariana Tarkulicova

Distribution Manager

Julie Mackenzie

Warehouse Manager

Melanie Smith

Warehouse Assistant

Monika Szameta

Warehouse Assistant

Ilona Karabin

Warehouse Assistant


Finance & Operations

Jodi Phillips

Head of Finance & Operations

Faye Crockatt

Office Manager


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