Our Story

“Stephensons Online started by selling personal belongings from our late grandmother in January 2011 on eBay. We wanted to do something with her belongings after her death in late 2010 rather than just place them in a skip.

In the first 2 months of 2011 we sold what we could on eBay. I was taken back by what was selling and learnt all I could about the platform. Anything we made we used to purchase more items from local car boot sales! By the summer we had enough funds from the sales to purchase from Wholesalers. Stephensons Online LTD became a sole trader business in August 2011.

In December we launched on to Amazon UK and started working directly with our first few brands. In March 2012 Stephensons Online LTD was born.

After Year 1 Stephensons Online LTD Turnover was nearly three-quarters of a million. We continued to expand taking on more brands and our first member of staff in the Summer of 2012.

Moving forward a few years Stephensons Online LTD continues to grow.

We now have 20 employees on our books and ship out to nearly every country in the world, shipping 200,000 orders across the world. We also now own four brands which we completely manage in-house.

Stephensons Online LTD works Exclusively on 3rd party platforms with brands of all sizes. We give the brands the control they need on these platforms to protect their brand, pricing strategy and look and feel of the brand. We work with start-up brands through to household named brands. Whilst working with the platforms themselves to deliver each brand the best possible promotions and marketing opportunities."

Barry Tong (Managing Director)


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