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Top 4 Natural Products To Protect You Against Heat Damage


Calling all natural hair product fanatics…

Listen up! Does your hair feel dry and brittle? Have plenty of split ends? Lack lustre after blow-drying? Or have curls that doesn’t even last until lunch time? One of the reasons why this could be happening is simple: Heat damage. Ladies we know it can hard to stay away from your straightener’s when you want that sleek, straight hair or after those cute bouncy curls but it’s important to prevent damage to your hair by using heat protectant before applying any heat. In this week’s blog we will be giving you not only some effective ways but that will protect your hair BUT you natural lovers out there each product we’ll be sharing with you are also natural. Go #teamnatural!!  

Here’s a little tip for you ladies; in case you didn’t quite know, natural oils behave very similarly to silicones at high temperatures by creating protective barriers around the hair cuticle. In basic terms they perform like miracles and both protect your hair and prevent damage! (Guess you learn something new every day ay). Most flat irons start out at 360 degrees and max out at 420. Most quality oils are rich in vitamins and minerals that promote healthy hair that is strong and beautiful. Refined oils will have a high smoke point than their unrefined counterparts, but a refined oil may have less nutrients. Just a few things to keep in mind.

Below you will find our top 4 best oils that are cheap to buy and easy to find in your local shop so there’s no excuse ladies! Protect that hair!!




If you haven’t tried grape seed oil as a natural heat protectant then girl, you are really missing out on its benefits. Grape seed oil has a high smoke point, which means it can withstand high heat. This product is inexpensive and are available at most health stores. In fact, you probably have this product sitting in the kitchen cupboard waiting to be used! We recommend using grape seed oil for women with thick or coarse hair because they are usually the women who are using flat irons that can reach up to 420 degrees, which is grape seed oil’s, smoke point. Like coconut oil, grape seed oil can create a super oily finish on your hair so a few drops is all you need. PLEASE do not get carried away with this, being heavy handed with oils is a big no no…if you do find that you’ve put on wayyy to much, just go back in with dry shampoo to soak up any excess.




Is almond oil even better for thick or coarse haired women than grape seed oil? The answer is YES! With a smoke point of 430 degrees, almond oil is sure to keep hair safe from hot flat irons. Safe does not have to be boring, though. Almond oil is rich in vitamins like, Vitamins E, D, B1, B2, B6 and A to be exact - All helpful nutrients that allow you to grow strong, healthy, and beautiful hair. Apply 2 - 3 drops evenly, comb through damp hair, and then dry and style to your desire. 



We know what you’re thinking…no Shea Butter isn’t just for the face and body, Shea Butter benefits as an amazing heat protectant too. Shea Butter naturally has thermal conductivity and is a natural replacement for the use of silicone's found and used in most heat protectants. Dimethicone and cyclomethicone are the most common silicone's used in heat protectants. Silicone coats strands with a protective layer that is difficult for heat from a flat iron or hair straightener to penetrate and damage hair. Shea butter’s natural properties act in a similar fashion. We promise - you won't be disappointed!



Our absolute favourite product! Can someone please tell us what coconut CAN’T do? This oil is one of the most popular used natural heat protectant options out there and there are so many ways of protecting your hair against damage using this oil. Famous for its anti-microbial, moisturising and anti-dandruff properties, this oil is a definite hair-care must and will help repair hair damage and allow you to grow your hair strong, healthy, luscious and long. Since coconut oil can make your hair a bit on the oily side, we recommend applying just a few drops to your entire mane before heat-styling. Another way you can prep your hair with coconut oil is to create and use a deep conditioning treatment with the oil on the day you plan to heat-style your hair. Why is this a great option? The oil has the ability to penetrate your hair strands and during your rinsing out step, you’re also washing away any excess before styling your hair.


And finally, make sure to comb your hair thoroughly before styling. It might seem like common sense, however, brushing your hair and removing all knots means the styler can easily glide through the hair, minimizing damage.

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