Herbacin WUTA KAMILLE Glycerine HANDCREAM TIN For Protection & Care 20ml

Contains no mineral oils, sodium chloride, colours or fragrances.

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What is it?

Herbacin has cultivated its own plants and herbs for 100 years, and has been an innovative brand in the field of natural cosmetics. Located in the geographical heart of Germany since 1905, Herbacin very early on created a distinctive brand image that has reflected until today its close proximity to deep green forest and flowering meadows. Still today, only high quality plant extracts are gently processed in carefully developed procedures. Containing no mineral oils, sodium chloride, colours or fragrances, Herbacin's Wuta Kamille Hand Cream is gentle enough to use on the most sensitive of skins and its natural ingredients protect hands from all weather conditions. Chamomile has been used for centuries to heal and restore; glycerine smoothes, moisturises, and ensures skin elasticity; and silicon protects the hand from everyday environmental abuse. In its dinky tin, Herbacin Hand Cream is just the right size to pop into your handbag or slip in your pocket for dry skin emergencies wherever you are. Use night and day for silky soft skin.

Brand Herbacin
Ingredients N/A

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